The method includes various hypopresive techniques  with postures and movements that achieve a reduction of pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities.

1.  ORIGIN: 
The Hypopresive Techniques (HT) were created by the Doctor of Science in Human Movement and Rehabilitation specialist Marcel Caufriez that through his dedication to the uro-gynecological rehabilitation realized that traditional abdominal post partum, damaged the pelvic floor accentuating postpartum urinary incontinence, prolapses, diastasis, ... Since its discovery Caufriez Marcel has developed these techniques to create the Hypopresive Method, which has various applications in the field of health, prevention and sports.


Reducing abdominal girth providing aesthetic improvements, postural and functional, be an excellent prevention to all types of hernias (inguinal, abdominal, femoral, vaginal ..), regular respiratory parameters, prevent urinary incontinence, increase and regulate the factors being vascularizantes effective in preventing and resolving edema and heavy legs, prevent joint and muscle injury by normalization of muscle tone usually provide effective protection lumbopelvic as physical exercise, providing comfort and pleasure.
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For the treatment and prevention of various functional disorders: digestive, gynecological, urinary, obstetrical or posture. There are three types of techniques in therapy:

Abdominal Fitness Hypopresive Techniques: These are all exercises that include the exercises called static hypopressives or base abdominal fitness with their variants including the asymmetric  program and underwater program.
Diaphragm Vacuum Techniques: All exercises are performed supine or lateral and in expiratory apnea declining conditions, associated with postural manipulation of the diaphragm and ventilation with pure oxygen under manometric control and recording of abdominal blood pressure, heart rate variability and optionally under electromyographic monitoring.

Tension Transfer Techniques (TTT): All exercises are performed in expiratory hypopresive apnea position associated with antigravity muscle groups postural tension using the technique of pumping energy with oxygen under abdominal manometric control and optionally, simultaneously using electrical or neuromuscular vibratory stimulation. They are mainly used in tonic muscle dysfunction and respiratory dystonia, dyskinesia or vesico-anorectal sphincter, severe hypotonia of the abdominal-perineal fascia, postural asymmetry, etc.) TTT also include a specific program for delivery to facilitate the descent of fetus and the mobile expulsion phase.

Fitness and sport
To improve physical and athletically, improve posture and prevent hernias, reduce waist circumference, improve sexual function, prevent urinary incontinence, enhance sports performance, etc. Currently there are different types of techniques in Fitness and Sport.

Associated Techniques: 
Reprocessing Soft Fitness: Dinamic Hypopresives, Hypopresive Sex, Couple Hypopresives, Hypopresive Dance. 
Reprocessing Speed Fitness: Explosive Hypopresives, Fight Hypopresives. 
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Hypopresive techniques are performed through complex reprogramming rhythmic exercises which allow the cerebral nervous system to modify the corporal and emotional scheme, and have the common feature of achieving a reduction of intra-abdominal pressure (approximately 50 mmHg) . The diagnostic test and the first sessions should be done with a professional certificate in Hypopresive Method M. Caufriez, until the customer / patient  integrates the technique  properly and is able to do it by itself or in groups, the techniques are complex so if they are not done correctly and under the supervision of a qualified expert it may give totally different results than expected. The professional will make an overall assessment of the health status of the person to detect conditions or make appropriate recommendations in each case to ensure the effectiveness of the exercise.
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The muscles of the abdominal fascia and pelvic floor lose their function, which is to to serve as support of the internal organs, due to the increasing abdominal pressure in everyday life, inactivity, pregnancy, etc. With the Hypopresive Method, this function is refunded by reprogramming the muscle response to these circumstances. It increases the muscle tone at rest, which is the involuntary and sustained muscle contraction. It diminishes the waist circumference. It improves the response because it supports activities which require strength.
Although it depends on the starting situation of each person, usually lasts about two months and can get to six, although it requires that the exercises are performed correctly and consistently, about 20 minutes two days a week in the first month and every day or four to five days in the following would be enough. Reprogramming ends when the professional  certified by the hypopresive method performs the tests with the expected result. From this moment, you only need regular maintenance. ONLY TWO MONTHS FOR GREAT RESULTS!